About us

Araujo's Family

Gustavo, Susan e Lukas

Gustavo and Susan are married for 8 years. Parents of the brave Lukas and of the baby they are expecting. Their hearts are moved by only one thing: To move the God’s heart and then move the heavens with worship and prayer and see His transformation.

Susan is a wife and full-time mother, a classical pianist. She is a graduate in theology by the ETM-Curitiba. From a pure and sensitive heart, she is inclined to a life of devout prayer. She has given her life in favor of interceding for people and crying out that the Kingdom of the Lord is established among the nations. Currently, Susan has served at YFBC and the Rosthern community with her volunteer work and family support.

Gustavo is husband and father, a peacemaker and is moved in to bring redemption to relationships and lead people to worship the Lord. He has a pastoral heart and in the last years served mentoring musicians and artists. Graduated in Praise and Worship by CTMDT-BH. He has, in partnership with friends, one of his musical compositions “Lugar Secreto” recorded by CTM, an album in which he also participated as a backing vocalist. Gustavo recorded an EP in Portuguese called “Te Encontrar”, the album was used to raise resources to bring them to the mission field. He also has an EP of electronic music called “Heads & Smarts”.

Currently, Gustavo serves at the Youth Farm Bible Camp in Rosthern, SK. His duties range from being a children’s counselor, helper for adults with special needs, worship leader, taking care of animals and the maintenance of the place. He is also part of the Hague Mennonite Church worship team and youth leadership.

Aware in cooperating with the Kingdom of God, connecting, and uniting people, they initiated the Writers of Worship with a single thought:

Like King David who was an accomplished writer and composer, the Writers of Worship seek to bring to this day words of comfort, edification, worship, gratitude, wisdom, guidance, encouragement, and more.

To be a Writer of Worship is to live with the heart overflowing with good words and to recite your verses in honor of the King, to have a tongue like the pen of a wise writer (Psalm 45: 1) and use it to reach those who need help and support.

Our desire is to connect generations and awaken a culture of revealed knowledge of the Scriptures. Release songs that express the heart of the Lord and bring writings that reflect the reality of the heavens on earth.

We are waiting for the restoration of the David’s Tent (Acts 15: 16-18) so that all may worship the King Jesus, let the greatest number of Writers of Worship arise, bringing forth words from the high heavens to achieve lives and establish the Kingdom of the Son of God, Jesus the Christ on this earth.


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